Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

If you are a fan of martial arts and want to practice sports safely, it is recommended that you purchase a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi uniform.

Those who practice the Bijj wear a specific uniform called Brazilian JiuJitsuGi, but are sometimes also given the name “The Bijj Kimono”. The most common colors for this type of uniform are white and blue, but in some cases they are black. The main top of this shirt is that it is very difficult to knock them down even during the toughest training sessions.

If you are thinking of buying Jiu Jitsu Gi, remember that they must be 100% cotton.

You shouldn’t buy anything unless you make sure it is 100% cotton. It is said that the true Gi uniform is either light as a feather, or heavy as a rock, regardless, most people find it difficult to distinguish between these two concepts, especially since the uniforms available for sale are defined as Pearl, or Platinum. That said, when you go shopping for Gi uniforms, you should pay attention to the name, as they are usually light and subtle ones titled Single Weave, or Pearl Weave, as opposed to heavy ones known as Double Weave, or Gold Weave.

However, the weight of these products is not an important factor, as it is mostly a matter of personal predilection. However, if you are looking for a kimono that you will wear to the competition, you are advised to go for the heavier one, while if you are buying it for your training you would be better off choosing the lighter part. The JiuJitsuGi uniform is mandatory for everyone who has started taking Bijj training. Likewise, Gisare does not like karate uniforms, and they are more similar to Judo ones. Gis are usually very durable as this sport usually implies posts and throws, so the uniform should be able to handle impressive amounts of force. Bijj training can easily crush a regular uniform, but not Gi, as these generally feature ultra-resistant seams.

Lightweight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI

That being said, you should choose a smooth Gi, which is made of a qualitative material, and serves triple seam. However, if you are only learning a few self-defense techniques, you need to have a more realistic approach to the matter. In that case, you may not want to go for gi, given that in real life you have more chances of being attacked when wearing normal shorts instead of a Bijj uniform. In addition, there are standing noises that it is not advisable to practice only in Gi, because after some time you will become less focused on technique, and you will become more addicted to your uniform. It’s much more advisable to balance something, and find a middle ground, because it will definitely make you better. It has been shown that if you wear Gi on while practicing the Bijj, you will become weaker, and you will not be able to apply the techniques you know about in his absence.

On the other hand, not wearing gi is also a bad decision because you will not develop the ability to use defensive techniques based on materials. Overall, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is a great uniform for people who want to train the Bijj, as they put a great deal of resistance against the forces applied to them during training. You should consider purchasing this amazing uniform, whether you are training this sport for fun or to learn new self-defense techniques that can be used in real life.