Our event was sponsored by the following companies. We were grateful to receive support from these companies and this event could not have happened without their support! Please check out the products and services they offer.

Donnie Blanks, owner of Real Gymm, provided the location. He let us take over his gym for 3 days, and we bagged late into the night.

Balazs provided a multitude of equipment that was vital to putting on the event. Their iBox platform is economical, looks great, but most importantly it is ROCK SOLID.

TItle provided a variety of speed bags and swivels. The Atomic Platinum bags were a big hit with the SPEED B.A.G. 2010 crowd.

Everlast provided adjustable platforms, speed bags, swivels (ball hooks! a necessity for side punching) and evergel gloves for hand protection.

Alan Kahn provided Speed Bag Bible books and DVDs, which are the recommended methods for learning our style of speed bag punching

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