We had over 30 people attend the event over the span of 3 days. There were also many forum members attending the event

Event attendees included (in no particular order):

Zach Ruffo is an Everlast sponsored athlete and an incredible talent on the speed bag. He is truly a phenomenal bagger and he strives to help others learn the bag. It wouldn’t have truly been a speed bag party without the SpeedBagSkunk in attendance.

Zach Ruffo (left) and Deano (right)

Ted from Australia showing the Yanks how it's done Down Under

Deano and his father Ted traveled from Australia (!) for this event. The style of punching (and elbows) that Deano learned from his father (who learned from his father!) wowed the crowd.

MsDeville (left) and Biff (Right)

Dee (MsDeville) provided a lot of the web graphics and print materials to help publicize the event. She’s also a top notch punch drummer and earns the distinction of being the only female member to attend all 3 days!

Biff was a key participant and helped plan the whole event and made it happen. Biff is the strong silent type and doesn’t seek out the spot light, but this event wouldn’t have happened with his contributions!

TJ_Matee was in driving distance and hung out all 3 days, late into the night! He’s a very solid bagger and knows how to put a beatin’ on the bag.

TJ_Matee tears up a white Fighting Sports bag

Alan Kahn, author of the Speed Bag Bible was in the house and giving punch drumming lessons to all comers. He also handed out a multitude of books and DVDs, all in the interest of spreading the good word of the speed bag.

Alan Kahn (Right) , Zach Ruffo (Left)

One of the highlights of the event was Alan punch drumming along with live instruments.

Brian Tichy (now playing with Whitesnake) is on the drums and JD (Black Label Society) is on the bass!

SpinSmashPop (Brian Tichy) on drums, JD on bass, and Alan Kahn on the speed bag!

Local speed bag celebrity Alan Salomon (SpeedBagScissorHands) was in the house and rockin’ the u-bolt swivel. His spins have to be seen to be believed!

Local speed bag celebrity SpeedBagScissorHands (Right) along with Alan Kahn (middle) and Zach Ruffo (Left)

spdyTommyT saved the day with his power tools, which came in very handy to help tear down at the end of the event. He also had his experimental platform and swivel design (patent pending). All I can say about it is that it was SMOOTH!

spdyTommyT attended the event

Brian Tichy had big news to share as during the event it was announced that he’ll be recording and touring with Whitesnake!

Brian Tichy rocks the Jim Bradley swivel and Pro-Ball. When he's not rockin' that he's rockin' with Whitesnake

G-Town (Louis) is in the house (center), Zach Ruffo (left), and Tim Platt (right)

Not only did we meet face to face with old friends, but we made new ones as well! Louis and his son Brandon attended all three days and learned a lot of new things.

What better way to learn punch drumming than to learn from Alan “The King” Kahn in person???? Jack (Eighty-Eight) learned quite a few new tricks.

Jack (Eighty Eight) learns punch drumming from the king

Piefurz (Greg) rocks the Jim Bradley. Nice linking!

Greg was there from the very beginning (he was the first person there!) and stayed until the very end. I’m very grateful for his help with the setup and teardown, not to mention that fact that he bagged NON STOP for all 3 days!

BIff and Tim were two of several master minds behind this event.

The event couldn't have happened without Don Blanks and his hard core training facility , REAL GYMM. The only thing bigger than Don's biceps is his heart. What a great guy!

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