SPEED Bag Annual Gathering 2010 (SPEED B.A.G. 2010) took place at Real Gymm in beautiful Keyport, NJ from Friday June 18th, 2010 through Sunday June 20th. As far as we know, it was the first ever gathering of dedicated speed bag enthusiasts. We had attendees from a variety of locations, with some coming as far as Australia!

The links to the right provide a glimpse into the activities of three solid days dedicated to advanced speed bag punching. We hope you enjoy the clips and photos.

What can’t be captured in this web page is the incredible spirit of this great group of people, people who are willing to help, especially if you are new to the speed bag. If you have questions about the speed bag in general or next year’s event (SPEED B.A.G. II) please come to http://speedbagforum.com register on the forums and ask!

SPEED B.A.G. 2010 was sponsored by:

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